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Tenuta Prima Pietra - Tastings

Client: Castiglion del Bosco Agricola
Realization: 2019
Location: Riparbella (PI)
Services: Project Management, Architectural Design, Architectural Construction Management and Safety Coordination


The challenge of this project lay in the creation of a new wine-tasting room equipped with all the comforts necessary for welcoming clients that would also showcase the site's extraordinary landscape: a view of the Tyrrhenian Sea from its hillside location. The result of this was a decor that fit gracefully into its historic framework thanks to a thoughtful exchange between old and new. The choice of materials played an important role in achieving this, as well as through the formation of specific technical solutions.  These include the wide crystal sliding window and the elegant wood-paneled ceiling with in-built lighting. In fact, it was precisely through the intuitive engineering of light that both internal and external volumes and spaces were given form, and is one of the distinctive elements of this project.