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Tenuta Prima Pietra - Cellar

Client: Castiglion del Bosco Agricola
Realization: 2018
Location: Riparbella (PI)
Services: Project Management, Architectural Design, Architectural Construction Management and Safety Coordination


In this thorough renovation of a farmhouse on the hill of Riparbella, the architectural intervention involved a reinterpretation of outdoor spaces and of the cellar that would keep in line with the original aesthetic layout. The most challenging task was to avoid the construction of new buildings detached from the main house, but rather to exploit pre-existing volumes and incorporate them into the historical farmhouse’s primary structure. S29’s project aimed to coherently integrate the new interventions with the preexisting historical complex. In the cellar, the restoration preserved and enhanced historic materials and placed them alongside new technologies selected following a logic of harmonious continuity with the past. This allowed for an update of the plant’s infrastructures, necessary for the function of the winery.