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Farmessere - Dr. Pinotti

Client: Farmacia Pinotti
Realization: 2015
Location: Buonconvento (SI)
Services: Project Management, Architectural Design, Architectural Construction Management and Safety Coordination


The commissioning body’s request was the creation of a business operating both as a parapharmacy and beauty center, in two adjacent locations in need of radical renovation, totalling 150sqm. The first challenge was to unite the two trading functions into a single operating body that would see them merge in a fluid, coherent and homogeneous style. The plant engineering was successfully concealed with a functional solution which took advantage of the rooms’ height, without interfering with the styling language proposed by S29 for the project. The final result has given rise to an establishment fitted with first-class finishes, allowing it to stand out from similar enterprises thanks to its original and linear design.